Fireworks Painting – Kids Art Elk Grove

If you are anything like our staff we are pinterest obsessed and since toddler friendly arts and crafts are part of our daily staple here are Imagine Play, we decided to try this heavily pinned fireworks painting project in celebration of our Independence Day and it was everything that we had hoped for!

Fireworks Painting Kids Art Elk Grove

The kids loved this art project and we plan to reuse the rolls next week to make squid inspired animals. Stay tuned for that in our arts and craft section on this blog.

All you need is:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
3-4 Colors of Paint

1. Cut strips halfway down the center of the Roll
2. Fan them Out
3. Prepare plates with globs of paint
4. Place fanned out rolls on the paint
5. Show the kids how to make a firework by stamping their paper with paint and encourage them to mix the colors. It looks best with three-four stamps per firework.

Firework Painting

Firework Painting

Firework Painting

On a side note, plan to give them bigger sized paper. We have pictured here an 8×11 sheet, but the kids ran out of room quickly and soon their fireworks became muddled because they could stop stamping. 🙂 A bigger sheet of paper will allow them more room to make more fireworks so they are not tempted to not stamp over their already good looking fireworks.

This fireworks painting project is a perfect  to repeat for New Year’s as well.

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