What is up with our socks only policy?

Do you ever wonder why most place spaces require a sock only rule? We’ll give you a bit of insight of why we came to the decision regarding our open play sock policy.

Sock Policy

  1. It’s a hygiene thing. We want to prevent any transfer of outside debris such as mud into our place space, but mostly to keep fungi or bacteria out.
  2. Speaking of mud and things. Since we do have little ones that are in the putting-everything -in-their mouth phase it will help prevent small objects such as sticks or small rock being picked up and swallowed by little ones.
  3. Little fingers safety. We want to prevent any accidents that can happen if something falls on tiny toes or hands.
  4. BUT MOSTLY. Here’s the honest truth, it’s really to keep our play equipment and floors in tip top shape! A $10K floor replacement is just something we can’t afford within the first years of our business.

Read more about our open play policies before you come to visit.

Sock Policy

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