Paper Roll Car – Kids Art Elk Grove

We love this paper roll car. It’s a fun craft that involves paint. Painting is one of our favorite activities at Imagine Play because kids of all ages love it and this one is extra special as you can paint a 3d object, plus turn trash into craft.

Paper Roll Car

What you’ll need to create this craft:

Empty paper roll
Paint (2 colors is good, 4 colors or more is great for creativity)
Construction Paper
Circular hole punch
Glue (optional)

Paper Roll Car

  1. Start by cutting out a square flap at the top of the roll. Folding it up creates a windshield.
  2. Pre punch our circles for wheels
  3. Have kids paint the roll to their heart content
  4. While paint is still wet glue wheels on (some kids may be not paint the whole roll, so you can use glue to glue some wheels).

Paper Roll Car

What we love about this craft is kids of all ages can enjoy by painting the roll as intricate as they want.  Kids that love cars love this paper roll car.

Paper Roll Car

Here’s another craft that involves an empty paper roll. Remember that fireworks craft that we did during 4th of July?

We used the left over stampers to make squids by letting the kids paint and apply googly eyes.

Paper Roll Squid

Paper Roll Squid Elk Grove Kids Craft

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