What is our cleaning practices?

One of our goals upon opening Imagine Play is to keep strict cleaning practices. After all, a mom and her kids lives and breathes here, among other things.

Cleaning Practices

We implement cleaning in several ways.

  • If you have been to Imagine Play you’ll see that an employee is usually on the floor putting back the toys. We call this resetting the floor and we try to do as often as possible, even though not as often as we’ll like. This is to help keep the floor fresh for incoming patrons, but also to prevent a tripping hazard for little and big feet alike.
  • Mid-Day, everyday, when we are the slowest we wipe down every toy and station with a cloth and disinfectant spray. We use to do this upon closing, but it would take us until after dark to finish. To be more efficient we do it mid-day so closing becomes less of a time consuming process. Don’t worry, play is encourage to resume during our wipe-down times.
  • ¬†At the end of the day, once the whole floor is reset from Open Play, we do a final spray of disinfectant before we lock the doors for the night.
  • Vacuuming is done everyday after closing and a professional cleaning crew comes every other day to mop the entire floor and clean our bathrooms. The cleaning crew is a life saver!
  • What about other things that can’t be wiped down? Such as our costumes. Well truth be told, a lot of them get thrown away and replaced because they get a lot of use and torn in the process, but for those that stay intact every 1 to 2 weeks the costumes are taken to be washed with our cleaning towels.

Imagine Play Cleaning Practice

This is what is takes 7 days a week to keep Imagine Play clean because we understand the importance of a nice clean place for your kids to play in and while we can’t keep every germ away, just know that EVERY DAY we try our best.

See you soon for Open Play.