Summer Cookout Pretend Play

Every month we change our pretend area and July’s theme is Summer Cookout as inspired by the season.

Pretend Play Summer Cookout

To develop our dramatic play area we tried to think about all the fun things about summer such as going to the beach, barbecues and outdoor games. Here’s what we came up with to incorporate our Summer Cookout Pretend Play ideas.

The statement piece of this area is the giant connect 4, which we have to admit that we’ve had in our amazon wish list since before we opened. It’s is a great representation of fun childhood games only giant size and made for backyard fun.

Summer Cookout pretend play

Even though most of the kids haven’t grasp the concept of the game, they still like to put the donuts in the connector just the same.

Summer Cookout Pretend Play

This little Webster grill looks like the real thing. It even comes hamburger items that the kids can have fun stacking and taking apart. The kids love cooking on it. You can get it in the bigger version as well. We opted for the more beach friendly version.

Summer Cookout Pretend Play

Our interpretation of the beach us this felt aquarium. The kids love making their own water scene and it’s educational too by helping the kids recognize animals. They love the ones that look like our favorite Disney fishes.

Summer Cookout Pretend Play

You can come visit us for Open Play to enjoy July’s Summer Cookout Pretend Play area or visit us next month for another surprise.

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