How we listen to your feedback

Did you know that every month we have a staff meeting? And one of the topics we discuss is your reviews. We may not respond directly. You may not even know we are listening, but we are. Whether it’s good or bad via yelp, google, mom groups or what we hear from customers verbally we talk about our feedback.

Of course, if it’s good things we discuss what we can do to keep making those things positive for people.

For less than positive reviews we dissect them. Was it a safety issue? A staff issue? A policy issue?

Imagine Play feedback

If there are immediate safety issues we can fix, we fix them, either by adjusting policy or replacing items. However, please be aware some issues takes time to resolve. Not all things can be done overnight because we either haven’t found a better solution yet or (in most cases) it cost money. Let’s be real, most of physical problems can be fixed with money, but in most cases we have to save up to make bigger changes.

Staff Issues are usually what we feel are lack of customer service skills. Most of our staff are younger on their first job and it’s not until you have a young staff that you realize that some things that may come very natural to some, needs to be taught to our staff. Learning how to speak to people is a skill that comes with wisdom and during meetings (and other times) we train our employees about how to problem solve.

We’re not going to say that our policies are set in stone. As they do get adjusted quite frequently because there is a constant learning curve. Policies are adjusted when we want to prevent future problems from arising and for us to set expectations correctly. However, we have to admit we do get quite a few comments about some policies that probably will never change, such as our sock only policy or our pricing.

Again, being as transparent as possible without being technical. There is a number we have to hit every day in order to make rent, pay employees, make loan payments, utilities, insurance….the list goes on. This is what we charge because we must. Every week we reevaluate and the common question we ask ourselves is if we are charging enough?

It’s a hard thing to run a business. We are under pressure to try to please every customer that walks into our doors, but we understand that we cannot please 100% of people. It actually breaks our heart, even keeps us up at night because we take every comment seriously. Thanks for making us better and supporting us through the good times and definite growing pains.