Art Camp – Sea, Earth and Space

This summer camp consisted of some of our favorite topics and there was many fun art things to do, it was almost sad that we had to condense it down, but the kids had a blast just the same.

Summer Camp

Each day we did a short lesson plan which included reading books about our topic, sticker scenes and sensory play. Our favorites was doing a gardening activity and making a moon out of clay.

summer camp

Art camp wouldn’t be art camp without tons of art. One of our all time favorites is sand art. Forewarning it can be messy and you will feel sand on the bottom of your feet for days!┬áThe kids love coloring with sand.

summer camp

Of course the all time MVP is painting. Nothing beats a painting activity. We painted underwater scenes and rockets for this summer camp.

summer camp

Check out the video for this art camp to see more of out fun activities.

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