What happened to the coffee cafe idea?

If you have been following us for a while you might remember the original concept for Imagine Play included a coffee cafe. We love coffee here and we think most parents do too. If the idea had come into fruition the cafe would have included specialty coffee, protein boxes and more.

Why didn’t we implement it? Not to sound like a broken record, but once again it had to do with lack of funds. In order to get licensing from health and safety for a location that has never been a food facility before you’re required to get architectural plans drawn up (among many other things). The cost for these plans would be between $10-$16K. This and the permitting fees deterred us getting the coffee cafe we so wanted to have.

The good news was that the requirements for running a small snack bar with pre-packaged food was much less strict and very feasible. Therefore, that is the route we took. We have snacks like crackers, cookies, granola bars, and chips. Snacks are between $1-$3. We are a peanut free facility. We do not sell any peanut products and we ask that parents do not bring any peanut products in.

In conclusion, we decided that we really wanted to open an indoor play area, not run a coffee shop. It really allowed us to concentrate on making Imagine Play an awesome play space.

However, it doesn’t mean this idea won’t come true. Some day, we hope we have less barriers to make all our dreams come true.

The compromise is our coffee complimentary bar. It’s not fancy, but if you need some parent fuel it does the job. We also provide hot water for tea. Come visit us for Open Play to enjoy!

Coffee Cafe