When is the best time to come play?

Since all parents and children are unique, we understand the answer to this question is several different answers as parents are all looking for different things when it comes to playtime. This post will outline our best times to come for socialization or when to visit for a more calm experience.

Busy time vs Slow Times

Mornings – Mornings from Opening til about 1:00pm is generally our busier time of the day.  There is definitely a chance when you come at this time that every table is filled, but it is a great for kids to socialize.

Afternoon – Our quietest time of the day is form 1:00pm – 3:00pm. If your child wants the place peaceful this is perfect for them. After 3:00pm we may get a little rush again, however, not as filled as our morning hours.

Busy Days vs Slow Days

Monday and Tuesday are generally our slower days of the week.

Thursday and Friday are our busiest days of the week.

Weekday vs. Weekend

The biggest difference between a weekday and weekend is the hourly activities. During the week every hour we run a sensory, art and craft or game. We do not run these activities on the weekend to prepare for upcoming birthday parties. REMINDER: make sure you check out hours during the weekend, we can be open later than you expect.

Littles Vs Bigs

While our play space is designed for children between 1 to 7 years old, in the morning you’ll see more children within the age range of 1 to 3 years olds. In the afternoon we do get a variety of ages, but you can expect a few more older children.

Hot vs Cold Weather

Both are equal, as we do experience the rainy season and the extreme hot season where we are located, but you can expect that cold weather means for more full mornings and hot weather can, but not always, have crowded afternoons. Months that have seemed the slowest for us are May, June, August and September. Our birthday party season is the most prominent during the colder months as well.

Imagine Play Elk Grove When is the best time to visit

The most appropriate time to play is up to you. Hopefully this post gave you an idea of when to come to fit your family needs.