Kakamora Moana Birthday Inspiration

We love Moana here and we definitely get our fill of parties revolved around the Hawaiian princess. We wanted to share this fun Moana birthday decor because of the Kakamora inspiration. We can’t get enough of what the birthday mom did with these crazy coconuts.

Kakamora Moana Birthday

We also thought it was really clever to spice up the table with the fish netting! The kakamora cups are perfect for this theme. Best of all, you can do it yourself. We found a blog that can help: Kakamora Party Cups Tutorial.

kakamora moana birthday

The tables were so festive with all the palm leaves and leis. How cute is the giant kakamora pinata?

kakamora moana birthday

Lastly, we wanted to highlight this banner inspired the movie’s goddess. We love the paper flowers!

kakamora moana birthday

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