What age range do we cater to?

Per the information on our open play area of our website our play area is most ideal for children one to seven years old. Please note the key word here is MOST IDEAL. There are children that may be older or even younger that would enjoy Imagine Play just as much!

Our age demographic has a lot to do with our size, as we are what you consider COZY, but mostly because our play structures are meant for the learning minds of younger children. We designed our playground with these curial growing periods in mind. Such as having an open play concept so you can keep an eye on your little one or having a dramatic play concept to help your little one learn not only life skills, but fine motor skills. These are all strategic decisions we’ve made to encourage the nurturing of your children through play.

Does this mean a child who is 8,9,10 or even 11  won’t enjoy coming to our playground? Absolutely not! What they love the most is our hourly activities which include sensory play and arts and crafts. Also, if you see a special event that you know your older child may love, by all means, buy a ticket! Our age demographic is definitely merely a suggestion. We know every child is different and leave it up to the parent to determine what their child interests are.

Does your child love to play pretend? Do they like to dress up as a princess or say “aargh” like a pirate? Do they like to play kitchen or doctor? Do they like modeling things in sand or watching rice fall through a waterfall? Do they like arts and crafts? If you say yes to some of things then chances are they will like Imagine Play.

Why do we have a suggested age range any way? It’s important to us to set expectations. Setting an ideal age range keeps our customer more informed of what kind of playground they will be attending, Most importantly less customer are disappointed. It is always our goal to being as informative and kind to our customers as possible.

See you in for open play soon!

open play age range