Superhero Donut Party

We celebrated Labor Day at Imagine Play with an epic superhero donut party with a visit from Batman. We welcomed our superheroes into a colorful party room, where they enjoyed donuts of every variety and other breakfast items.

superhero donut party

We love these stand with superhero graphics. They were the perfect vessel to hold our fluffy treats.

We decided to keep the colors in the classic yellow, blue and red superhero scheme. The vibrant colors made this party room festive.

superhero donut party

Each child place setting included a crime fighting plate and cup. We alternated between graphic plates and Batman.

superhero donut party

Some of our favorite details are the superhero backdrops. We had a total of three balloon arches for this party. We love how the arches bring life to any room.

After breakfast, Batman taught the kids about how to spot a bad guy and what it takes to be a superhero. Our favorite moment during the Batman party today was when Batman was like “do you know how to spot a bad guy?” Pause. “They are always robbing banks.” 😂Batman is a funny guy!

batman donut party

We also did some superhero training. The kids exercised to learn to be fast and strong and practiced some superhero moves.

superhero donut party

We can’t wait to hold our next superhero party. Join us for future special events. Register on our our store.