Birthday Party Character Appearances

Imagine Play has done many character appearances in our play area and you can get one included in your birthday party package.┬áThe kids love seeing their favorite character at their birthday party. You can get ice princess, hawaiian princess, belle, catboy and more. If you are interested in booking a character, here’s what to expect during your party time.

Royal Tea Party

The kids love hearing a story from the characters. We like doing interactive story time. They like to get the kids engaged by telling them a story and asking them questions to perk their interests.

Mermaid Kids Birthday Party

Usually, they help the kids do a sing-a-long with some of their favorite songs. We love it when the kids hold hands and really get involved with the sing-a-long.

Moana Luau

All the characters have different backgrounds and talents. Some of them like to teach a dance.

While others, do a snow trick.

Snow Princess

Sometimes, they play a game such as freeze dance or parachute.

And then of course, we take lots of pictures.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

About this time the party is pretty hungry, so while we wait to sing to the birthday child, the characters do a filler activity with the kids. It can be face painting, tattoos or a small craft.

The character usually stays to sing happy birthday and to finish up any last minute pictures with the guest of honor.

You can see more of our party packages on our website or email us for more details.

Check out this video of our ice princess in action.