Paw Party with Egg Hunt

We celebrated a festive Easter week with a total of 6 egg hunts, 3 paired with our special events such as Royal Tea Party and ending with a Paw Party with Egg Hunt. We loved doing our special events and these were just icing on the cake.

Paw Party with Egg Hunt

Police Dog came and read stories with the kids.  We read a story about a bunny and his mom.

Paw Party with Egg HUnt

We played games including the Pup Pup Boogie. Police Dog loves to dance.

Paw Party with Egg Hunt

The kids did a fun firefighter dog craft that they got to wear home.

Paw Party with Easter Egg

Of course, it ended with an Egg Hunt. Afterwards the kids got to exchange their empty eggs for a snack or treat.  We look forward to reusing those plastic eggs for future hunts. We are ending the month with one extra egg hunt after Easter.  Thanks for joining Paw Party with Egg Hunt. See you again next year.

See video from past Paw Parties here: