Kindergarten Curriculum Help

With distant learning become a reality this upcoming school year Imagine Play has rolled out many different programs to help parents navigate the new world of teaching kids at home. One of those being our Toy Library. We have many dramatic play toys that we are known for, but our Toy Library is more than that. Did you know it can be a  learning resource?

You’re probably wondering where you should start with your home schooling journey this fall. Here’s how we can help. We put together a list of subjects that kids learn during the kindergarten level at school and the learning toys we have in our library that can assist you with these items. You can check out these toys for 1 week to teach your kids about these topics, return them for another the following week and repeat.

  • Counting
Kindergarten Curriculum
Counting Flowers Box
  • Addition

    Kindergarten Curriculum
    Addition Math Market
  •  Subtraction

    Subtraction Game
  • Time Telling

    Time Telling and Money Mats
  •  Measurements

    Measurement Center
  •  Money
Hands On Money
  • Word Problems
  •  Sight Words
Learning Sight Words Box
  • CVC Words
  • Blends and Digraphs
  •  Story Prompts
  • Writing Practice
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Rhyming Word
  •  Sequencing
  • Community
  • Living vs Non-Living
Life Science Box
  • Seasons
Seasons Learning Box
  • Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Magnetic Set
  • Rocks
Mineral Collection
  • Life Cycles

  • Fire Safety
  • Bats
  • Sink or Float
Sink of Float Experiment Kit
  • Fossils
  • Plants
  • Amphibians, Reptiles, and Insects
Insect Activity Tub
  • Weather
Weather Learning Box
  • Your 5 Senses
Senses Learning Charts
  • Solar System
Solar System Learning Kit
  • Dental Health 
Plan Toys Dental Play Set
  • Fruits & Vegetables
Fruit and Vegetable Sorting
  •  Ocean
  • Mass
  • Vertebrate and Non-Vertebrate

As always we are always adding more and more items to our library and currently we have over 150 toys already in the library not including some of the items you have seen above on this list. For more information regarding our toy library please visit this link:

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