Cupcake Rainbow Kids Party

We celebrated turning one this weekend. We love this super cute 1st birthday party idea we can up with for Imagine Play.  It’s just a cupcake rainbow theme, but it’s perfect for any child turning any age. It’s colorful + magical = an awesome kids birthday.

Cupcake Rainbow Kids Party

This rainbow balloon arch turned out way cute!

rainbow cupcake party

The color scheme for this party was super vibrant. We decided to do a mixture of rainbow colors and not just the traditional.

rainbow cupcake kids party

Of course, what would a party be without some balloon arched in pastel metallic colors.

Rainbow Cupcake Kids Party

Some simple, but fun decor is making rainbow streamers. You can do it as a backdrop or just as wall decor. It looks great in pictures. It gave our lemonade stand new life.

rainbow cupcake kids party

The main attraction was cupcakes! We got cupcakes with plain white frosting and laid out sprinkles, m&ms, and icing for the kids to decorate and enjoy.

Rainbow Cupcake Kids Party

We’re obsessed with all the cute centerpieces for the table! The giant cupcake looks yummy.

rainbow cupcake kids birthday

Thanks for all the people that came to celebrate our rainbow cupcake party with us! It was so much fun.

Check out our birthday party packages and let us decorate a themed party for you.

Trolls Kids Birthday Party

Our semi private parties are perfect for families who want a small gathering. While not all our package include theme decorations you can add on a themed decor package to make the party a bit more festive. For this Trolls kids birthday party the themed package added some extra fun to their celebrations.

trolls kids birthday party

We started with some Trolls table coverings and we love setting the table because it really creates the party mood.

Trolls Kids Birthday Party

We added some Trolls centerpieces which included some rainbows which we loved. The party also included a themed banner, not pictured.

Trolls Kids Birthday Party

And because we love to surprise our party hosts, we added some cute handmade Trolls headbands. We know the kids loved those and it really completed the table decor.

Our party packages are made to fit any budget. Check them out and see about hosting your next kid’s birthday party with us.

If you are looking for a bit more, in the next room we did a themed unicorn party. It’s still one of our favorite themes to decorate. Our theme parties are perfect for hosts that want us to do all the decorating and entertainment. All you have to do is bring food. The most stress-free way to celebrate your child’s birthday.

unicorn birthday party

unicorn birthday party

Spiderman Kids Birthday Party

One of the themes we love to decorate at Imagine Play is superhero because of all the colorful decor. We also like to tweak our superhero theme a bit to fit more of the kid’s favorite characters such as this Spiderman kids birthday party.

Spiderman Kids Birthday Party

We used most of our standard decor such as our skyscraper centerpieces .

spiderman kids birthday party

We added a little bit of spider man flare with plates, table coverings, banner and spiderman centerpieces.

spiderman kids birthday party

Of course nothing is complete without some balloon arches. We chose spiderman colors for our beloved arches for this party.

One of our favorite things about this theme is those really cool backdrops! It really brings the superhero to life.

spiderman kids birthday party

The birthday parents never disappoint with some cool graphic cookies and Spiderman cake.

You can buy some of the decor you have seen in this blog below:

Pumpkin Patch Dramatic Play

Sweater weather is in the air, the leaves are changing colors and it’s almost time for trick or treating. We know the kids love visiting the pumpkin patch this time of the year, so we brought the pumpkin patch indoors. Your kids will love picking pumpkins in our pumpkin patch dramatic play area.

Pumpkin patch dramatic play

Our patch includes all different size pumpkins with some fun textured one for sensory. We especially love the stuffed pumpkins wrapped like a sweater.

pumpkin patch dramatic play

The kids can pick pumpkins and roll it around on a wagon.

pumpkin patch pretend play

They can make friends with our scarecrows….

pumpkin patch dramatic play

….or relax on some hay bales.

pumpkin patch dramatic play

One of the things we love about the pumpkins is they are light enough for even the littlest of kids to carry. We can’t wait to see your kids enjoy our pumpkin patch in our pretend play area. Come visit us for open play soon.

Pumpkin patch dramatic play

Most of the items from our pumpkin patch was purchased from our local craft store this year, such as Joanns. However, you can purchase some similar items here:

Our Illness policy and tips to keep healthy during the cold and flu season

Now that school in session and cold weather is approaching this is just a gentle reminder that Imagine Play does have an illness policy.  Please help us protect our guests! To keep our facility as germ free as possible we ask that kids be kept home if they are not feeling well. The guidelines of our illness policy includes:

  • being on antibiotics for less than 48 hours.
  • has a fever AND sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, irritability or confusion.
  • severe coughing (child gets red or blue in the face and makes high pitched whoop after cough)
  • eye discharge
  • yellowish skin or eyes

If your kids look physically ill you may be asked to join us on a different day.

To lessen the chance of your kids getting ill during this cold and flu season we suggest these helpful tips:

  • wash your hands as often as possible
  • carry hand sanitizer on you and use it before eating and before and after play.
  • get plenty of sleep, for kids sleep fights off illnesses the best
  • teach kids proper sneezing etiquette by coughing or sneezing into a tissue or elbow
  • stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet

Wonder Woman Party

We loved decorating this themed Wonder Woman party! We used a lot of inspiration from our superhero donut party and added a little bit of wonder woman flare such as the balloon arches in Wonder Woman colors.

wonder woman party

Wonder Woman table clothes and plates were a must! One of the things we love about our themed parties is setting the table. It makes the room look complete and ready for a party.

We love the little border details on the birthday banner and chalkboard. Of course, gold party bags only made this party that much more super.

wonder woman party

The table decor included some towering buildings.

wonder woman party

The party even had a superhero photo backdrop.  Can you spot Wonder Woman on it?

wonder woman party

The backdrop was definitely kid approved!

superhero party

To top it off the party parents bought the cutest Wonder Woman cake for a their 6 year old’s party.

Wonder Woman Party

We did many activities for this party such as bracelet making, obstacle course and face painting.

wonder woman party

This party was a blast with all kinds of superheroes showing up. We can’t wait for the next one.

Wonder Woman party

Art and Craft Spotlight: Sand Art

One of our favorite things to do here at Imagine Play is Sand Art! It’s a great activity to do with the kids because it keeps them engaged for quite a while and it’s awesome for all ages from toddlers to school age kids.

The best way to describe is it’s like painting with sand. At Imagine Play we have done summer, school, space, and sea themes, but you can get all types of scenes that matches any theme. Sand art comes in these sticker sheets and the kids peel off the top layer to expose the sticky surface and they pour their desired color sand over it. Spreading it around with their fingers helps cover the surface.

Kids love pouring the sand and shaking it off and the older kids create beautiful artwork with their scenes. The best part of this activity is there is no right and wrong way to paint. It can be as colorful as they want.

summer camp

Sand Art can get messy quickly, so if you have younger ones it is best for it to be a supervised activity. We put the scenes on a tray so there is less sand spillage.

Sand Art

Each sand art package comes with a small package of sand, but we like to put our sand in bottles so the kids have an easier time pouring out the sand.

Sometimes we do sand art during open play. Come join us during open play hours, or if you want to try it at home. The best place to buy sand art is from oriental trading as they have the best selection of scenes, but we have also linked some below.

Our Shopping Area has Improved!

Our sad shopping area got a much needed upgrade this week. We got rid of the bulky wire shelving for a more clean look and received a whole new inventory of cute products to buy for your little one!

Imagine Play Shopping Area

Of course, the essentials of all toys included some of our favorite Melissa and Doug items such as our best seller Dust, Sweep and Mop set, but the kid’s favorite Ice Cream Cone set.

Shopping Area

Since opening we’ve only offer Melissa and Doug toys and while we love them, this upcoming year we wanted to offer a different variety of items as well. As you know, Imagine Play is very well known for our fun special events. We thought it would be complimentary if every month we offered some boutique items that corresponded with the season or our special events.

This month is obviously the time to get ready for trick or treating, so we found some stylish costumes that your kids would love. What we adore most about these costumes is that they are soft enough for every day wear too.

Shopping Area

The Anna costume with the cape is our favorite, but many moms are loving the other styles too!

princess dresses Princess Dresses

For boys we have the cutest Captain America costume. It’s like a little jogger and it’s super comfy! This is being modeled by one of favorite members. It’s great for the really little ones because it feels just like their every day clothes and with winter coming, it will keep them warm for their Halloween outings too.

Shopping Area Captain America

In the upcoming months we are anxious for our Unicorn party and preparing for that we have a few unicorn items coming in. We plan to get more variety in when it gets closer to the Unicorn party. However,  you can get a sneak peek in store now with these unicorn dresses!

unicorn dress shopping area imagine play

They have already become a magical item! We hope to continue to provide more unique items in the months to come. Come pick up some of these items by stopping in for Open Play.

What are our weekend hours?

Just a quick blog about our weekend hours to help clarify some confusion. You’ll notice on some sites like yelp and google our weekend hours will differ than what’s on calendar on our website.

EVERY WEEKEND, you can expect that we are open between 9:30am to 12:00pm. We close at 12:00pm to accommodate private birthday party bookings. HOWEVER, there are some days when we may open later if there are no parties booked. Unfortunately, many of the sites that is not our own doesn’t allow a “variable hours” button, so you’ll see sites like yelp or google list our hours from 9:30am to 12:00pm. The most accurate and up to date weekend hours are listed on the calendar on our website. You can see the calendar under the open play tab or below.

We are in fact open 7 days a weeks, with the exception of some holidays or some special maintenance days. Those will be notated accurately or all sites.

Hope that clears things up a bit. See you for OPEN PLAY soon.

Camping Pretend Play

This month’s rotating theme in our play area  is Camping pretend play. It’s our first theme that we are recycling as we approach our 1 year anniversary. We re-used our camping tent, but have a bunch of new accessories for our camping theme too. We included a woodsy backdrop to complete the camping atmosphere.

camping pretend play

You can’t go camping without looking the part. The kids can dress up in a adventure vest and hat. Don’t forget the binoculars for some bird watching.

camping pretend play

Listen and learn about the sound of animals in the wilderness with our animal caller.

camping pretend play

After sit around the camp fire and roast some marshmallows with your friends.

camping pretend play

When they are tired they can gaze upon the stars in their tent.

camping pretend play

Come join us for camping pretend play soon.

camping pretend play

You can buy all the items from this theme here: