Kakamora Moana Birthday Inspiration

We love Moana here and we definitely get our fill of parties revolved around the Hawaiian princess. We wanted to share this fun Moana birthday decor because of the Kakamora inspiration. We can’t get enough of what the birthday mom did with these crazy coconuts.

Kakamora Moana Birthday

We also thought it was really clever to spice up the table with the fish netting! The kakamora cups are perfect for this theme. Best of all, you can do it yourself. We found a blog that can help: Kakamora Party Cups Tutorial.

kakamora moana birthday

The tables were so festive with all the palm leaves and leis. How cute is the giant kakamora pinata?

kakamora moana birthday

Lastly, we wanted to highlight this banner inspired the movie’s goddess. We love the paper flowers!

kakamora moana birthday

Check out our party packages and if your child loves Moana as much as we do, come to one of our Luau’s featuring the Hawaiian princess.

Royal Tea Party

We had a blast at our Royal Tea Party with Belle and Moana. If you have come to our Moana event, you know how awesome she is. This is our visit from Belle and WOW she was amazing!

Royal Tea Party

As always the tea party decorations turned out so cute! Without a doubt, one of our favorite party themes to put together.

Royal Tea Party

We’re also a little bit obsessed with the balloon arch, epic background combo! Major heart emojis and the balloon arch can be made to match many different themes, which we love!

Royal Tea Party

Royal Tea Party

Just like our last princess party we served sandwiches and all of the kiddos favorite snacks such as puffs, cheese crackers and berries.

Royal Tea Party

Moana and Belle greeted all the kids as they enjoyed their tea.

Royal Tea Party

The princesses took lots of pictures with their little princesses.

Royal Tea Party

After tea time, all the little princesses enjoyed story time, a sing-a-long and they learned two princesses dances. We love watching the kids do the hula and royal dance!

Royal Tea Party

Watch the video from this tea party here.

To see more detailed images of our tea party set up check out the blog from our last princess party.

When is the best time to come play?

Since all parents and children are unique, we understand the answer to this question is several different answers as parents are all looking for different things when it comes to playtime. This post will outline our best times to come for socialization or when to visit for a more calm experience.

Busy time vs Slow Times

Mornings – Mornings from Opening til about 1:00pm is generally our busier time of the day.  There is definitely a chance when you come at this time that every table is filled, but it is a great for kids to socialize.

Afternoon – Our quietest time of the day is form 1:00pm – 3:00pm. If your child wants the place peaceful this is perfect for them. After 3:00pm we may get a little rush again, however, not as filled as our morning hours.

Busy Days vs Slow Days

Monday and Tuesday are generally our slower days of the week.

Thursday and Friday are our busiest days of the week.

Weekday vs. Weekend

The biggest difference between a weekday and weekend is the hourly activities. During the week every hour we run a sensory, art and craft or game. We do not run these activities on the weekend to prepare for upcoming birthday parties. REMINDER: make sure you check out hours during the weekend, we can be open later than you expect.

Littles Vs Bigs

While our play space is designed for children between 1 to 7 years old, in the morning you’ll see more children within the age range of 1 to 3 years olds. In the afternoon we do get a variety of ages, but you can expect a few more older children.

Hot vs Cold Weather

Both are equal, as we do experience the rainy season and the extreme hot season where we are located, but you can expect that cold weather means for more full mornings and hot weather can, but not always, have crowded afternoons. Months that have seemed the slowest for us are May, June, August and September. Our birthday party season is the most prominent during the colder months as well.

Imagine Play Elk Grove When is the best time to visit

The most appropriate time to play is up to you. Hopefully this post gave you an idea of when to come to fit your family needs.

Unicorn Birthday Party

Since the unicorn has become every little girl’s (and some adults) spirit animal, we were more than excited to get to decorate this unicorn birthday party. The best things about a unicorn party is all the flowers, pretty colors, and sparkles. We just love the creative things you can do with this magical theme.

Unicorn Birthday Party

For this party we started with two different unicorn table coverings. Surprisingly, they aren’t super hard to find with how popular this theme is. We like the contrast between the main table and the food table and how the two tables tied all together with the interchanging of plates and unicorn decor.

Unicorn Birthday Party

The two walls got adorn with giant unicorn themed backdrops. We included a happy birthday sign and some unicorn flags on one wall. Also, notice the photo backdrop in the corner with picture frames for the perfect selfie.  The other side was left simple, but we attached one of our favorite design elements.

unicorn birthday party

This balloon arch took some love and attention, but it made this unicorn party even more special. What we love about a balloon arch is that you can theme it to any party, such as the one from our art theme party. The table scape included several unicorn pinatas.

Unicorn Birthday Party

and some DIY unicorn table centerpieces made from a cone, glitter paper and tissue.

The parent’s from the party brought in this three tier unicorn cake. It was nothing, but magical.

unicorn birthday party

The food was yummy too, which includes some mozzarella/tomato/basil skewers and unicorn themed puffs. This party also enjoyed a wand decorating art project and a visit from a snow princess. Definitely a unicorn party to remember.

Some other fun elements from other unicorn birthday parties we have had at our facility is these center pieces glued onto ceramic stands and unicorn mask for your unicorn friends.

unicorn birthday party

One of our other favorite cakes made by The Mix Baking Co. This cake was accompanied by some adorable cake pops as well (not pictured).

unicorn birthday party

Plan your next unicorn birthday party with us by visiting our party page.

Summer Art Camp – Animals

Our final summer art camp closed with an animal theme. The kids learned about Safari, Farm and Arctic animals.

In each lesson plan we started the day off with one educational book with fun facts about the animals that lived in each element and also one fun book for fun contrast.

We also did several activities such as sticker scenes.

summer Art Camp

and charts, where the camp kids had to categorized the animals.

summer art camp

Art for this camp included lion mask coloring, of which we corresponded with a red light, green light lion game.

summer art camp

For farm day we made a chicken puppet and cow inspired visors.

summer Art camp

Our final day in the Arctic included a snow sensory activity and painting.

summer art camp

Check out the video from this art camp to see all the fun things we created.

You can see and register for future art camps in our online store.

Snow princess comes to visit

We  love a visit from the snow princess. Since we have opened she has come visit us 4 times and she is still the most requested princess. We love all the fun activities we do at our special events themed around her and her friends like the building a love-able snowman.

snow princess

Snow Princess likes to read the kids a story about her adventures in her kingdom.

Snow Princess

What would a snow princess be without snow? The kids love playing with the snow that she magically conjures.

Snow Princess

We usually end with some facepainting so kids get one and one time with the princess.

snow princess

Watch this video from when she brought one of her friend’s with her to our summer party.

The Broken Toy Life

Obviously, every time you come into open play, sign up for memberships, attend our special events or spend any of your hard earned money at our door you help our business. It means one step closer to helping us bridge the gap between debt and profit. We are extremely grateful for all the support and we love seeing all your faces when you come in. We wish we could know all of you as well as we know some of you.

The other obvious is that being a play space we have challenges. Our biggest every day challenge is what we call the broken toy life. How are these mini us strong enough to be ripping off hinges on doors? And how do they manage to find things that fit in holes they don’t belong in? Or why do they keep decapitating the dolls? And why are there always balls missing? We are in shock. Like the emoji shock face.

We try to replace or fix the toys as quickly as possible, but the kids have us out numbered.

Broken Toy Life

Here’s how you can help.

Donate your gently used toys to us – Many of you have asked, but it has never been formally answered by us. YES, we will take your gently used toys. Bring them in and we’ll clean and put out on the floor what we can use. However, please be aware what we are unable to use will either be donated, trashed or re-sold (mostly so we can generate funds to replace toys).

Replace a toy for under $25 – Want to help us one step further? Check out our amazon replacement toy list. For under $25 you can help us replace a toy that your child and many other children will enjoy. We have many other high priced items on our wish list and if you can knock out some of these lower priced items it will bring us one step closer to buying those really unique toys for your children to enjoy.

Broken Toy Life

Once again, thank you for listening and we are grateful beyond measure for your continuous support. Talk soon.

Moana Luau

The sea calls us at our recent Moana Luau. Our special events have been called one big party. We believe that to be true and this one was extra special because Moana is well loved!

At this event our Moana read a Moana story and did a sing-a-long from the movie.

Moana Luau

She even taught the kids a little Hula! Our little Moana’s looked so cute dancing the Hula.

Moana Luau

After the kids got their very own tattoo by Moana.

Moana Luau

We did tons of Luau inspired activities such as sand sensory, frame decorating, flower crowns and lei making.

Moana Luau

We’re so happy all our little Moana’s were able to come and enjoy Moana Luau with us.

Moana Luau

….but we’re especially in love with our one baby Maui! Just too adorable!

Moana Luau

You can sign up for other special events on our online store. Also, check out the video.

Birthday Invitations

In every party package we include digital birthday invitations. There are three themes to choose from and they are super cute! They can match any theme or gender. Our favorite is the birthday cake one. The back also allows space for a place to write gift ideas to your guest and directions to Imagine Play.

For a themed birthday party package we even get themed invitations. Unicorn themes are very popular right now.

birthday invitations

You can send this invitation out in an email to all your friends or if you prefer, we also offer an option to print the invitations on premium 5×7 card stock. Ask us about printing your birthday invitations for a more intimate way to invite people to your party. The final product is beautiful! The invitation just look so good on paper.

Joint Birthday – Princess & Power Rangers

We often get joint birthday parties and we are sure parent’s appreciate not having to hold two separate birthday parties. Kids birthdays can be stressful and we hope to make it a little less stressful.

Here’s an excellent example of how fun a birthday party can be with two different themes. In this case brother wanted power rangers and sister wanted a princess theme.

Joint Birthday

We decided on a complimentary color for both themes and included table decor. Wall decor included a theme poster with tassels and fans.

Kids Joint Birthday

We’re so happy this family had an awesome birthday! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures with us!

Joint birthday