Delivery this Christmas Pretend Play

Kids think Santa is the hero, but we parents we know the real mvps during the holidays are those people who bring gifts to us so we don’t have to go our in those crowds. Join us for the holidays for our Delivery for Christmas Pretend Play. We like to call it the real Santa’s workshop.

This delivery for christmas pretend play are included packages. You can stack the boxes or use the wagon to transport them.

delivery for christmas pretened play

The little toy truck can’t fit any package, but the kids sure love to drive it around.

delivery for christmas pretend play area

Don’t forget to dress the part. We have a costume that is perfect to deliver those packages.

We change out this play area every month. Check out our other themes on our blog.

Merry Christmas at Imagine Play

It’s our third Christmas here at Imagine Play. Merry Christmas! We love this month. We enjoy ending the year with all all the holiday cheer. Our rotating play area got transformed again into Santa’s Workshop. This kids love building with the Vroom take-a-part toys by Battat, sending lettings to Santa and putting ornaments on our felt tree.

Santa's Workshop Pretend Play

We did celebrated with the Grinch again this year. He was just as mischievous as last year.  He stole all the presents and hid them in the castle, so the kids had to capture him with streamers.

grinch imagineplay christmas

We also did a stealing ornaments game.

grinch christmas imagineplay

We had some new guests join us this year including Santa himself, who came to sing Christmas carols to the kids.

Santa Dave Christmas Imagine Play

We had a photobooth set up for him.

Santa Dave Christmas Imagine Play

Lastly, Santa Mouse joined us for milk and cookies.

santa mouse imagine play christmas

We hope your holiday was as wonderful as ours. Thanks for spending it with us!