Meeting Room Rental

Looking for an Elk Grove meeting room rental to have a conference, run a class, or camp? This is great space to teach a class, run a program, or do a workshop. It’s a great room renta educational programs and homeschoolers. You can rent this room for weekday get togethers and more.

Awesome ideas that we have used this room for.

    • science camps
    • mom work meetups
    • yoga for kids
    • zumbini
    • art camp
    • homeschooling co-ops
    • slime workshops
    • magic stem class
    • kindermusik

It has a separate door for you to run your meeting or class privately. People can drop off at the door or park in the parking lot and walk to the back entrance. The room is available Monday-Friday $25/hr. The room is great to run a kid friendly class or family friendly meeting. This room will fit 15-20 people comfortably. This Elk Grove meeting room rental includes 4 long tables and 4 benches. Wifi can be provided. It’s enabled with electrical outlets to run music, laptops or projectors. Playtime and activities for kids can be arranged at a seperate cost. Contact us for more details at 

Elk Grove Meeting Room Rental Elk Grove Meeting Room Rental elk grove meeting room rental

For kids birthday parties, please see our birthday party package for private facility rental. This room rental is only for private meetings, classes or camps.