Join us in being a Play Ambassador

What is a play ambassador?

A play ambassador is a local parent with kids within our playground range that can commit to coming once or twice a week in trade for membership.

How long is the trade for membership for?

We are looking for ambassadors during the summer season between June – August and winter sessions between November – January. Once the season is up you may apply again for another season or pay for membership like normal.

What are my responsibilities as ambassador?

We ask that you commit to coming once a week on a specific day (twice a week optional). During the time you are here we ask that you help pick up the play floor, help sanitize toys (wipes will be provided), interact with other parents and post stories on social media.

What traits are you looking for in an ambassador? 

We are looking for parents that are friendly, approachable, reliable and have a social media or community presence.

How many kids are allowed in the ambassador program? 

Parents are allowed a max of two children of their own. Additional children can join them for play but must pay seperately.

How do I apply? 

Please go to this link and fill out our questionnaire: