Winter Art Camp

The kids favorite time of the year and our favorite time because there is just so much cool holiday art projects out there. We had two weeks of winter art camp full of games, art projects, chocolate milk bar and we even ended with a jingle dance party.

Winter Art Camp

The kids loved playing the suran wrap ball game. We rolled a dice and they go to unwrap the ball as many times as the dice landed on. They walked away with lots of fun prizes.

Art Camp Winter

The kids painted winter inspired figures.

Art camp winter

….but our favorite project during the first week camp was definity this balloon faces. They were so cute and the kids loved walking around with them.

art camp winter
Winter Art Camp

The week after we made lantern penguins.

Art Camp Winter

The kids decorated their very own Elf hat.

How creative are these kids with their Santa mask? ­čÖé

Art Camp Winter

We even had a fun wheel spinning game that we created using an Advent calendar. They won lots of prizes there too.

Winter Art Camp

Winter art camp was definitely fun. Join us for the next art camp during Spring Break of 2019. More details on our store.

Summer Art Camp – Animals

Our final summer art camp closed with an animal theme. The kids learned about Safari, Farm and Arctic animals.

In each lesson plan we started the day off with one educational book with fun facts about the animals that lived in each element and also one fun book for fun contrast.

We also did several activities such as sticker scenes.

summer Art Camp

and charts, where the camp kids had to categorized the animals.

summer art camp

Art for this camp included lion mask coloring, of which we corresponded with a red light, green light lion game.

summer art camp

For farm day we made a chicken puppet and cow inspired visors.

summer Art camp

Our final day in the Arctic included a snow sensory activity and painting.

summer art camp

Check out the video from this art camp to see all the fun things we created.

You can see and register for future art camps in our online store.

Art Camp – Sea, Earth and Space

This summer camp consisted of some of our favorite topics and there was many fun art things to do, it was almost sad that we had to condense it down, but the kids had a blast just the same.

Summer Camp

Each day we did a short lesson plan which included reading books about our topic, sticker scenes and sensory play. Our favorites was doing a gardening activity and making a moon out of clay.

summer camp

Art camp wouldn’t be art camp without tons of art. One of our all time favorites is sand art. Forewarning it can be messy and you will feel sand on the bottom of your feet for days!┬áThe kids love coloring with sand.

summer camp

Of course the all time MVP is painting. Nothing beats a painting activity. We painted underwater scenes and rockets for this summer camp.

summer camp

Check out the video for this art camp to see more of out fun activities.

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Summer Art Camp – Seasons

Last week we finished up our first art camp for ages 3 to 7. The kids learned about the seasons and we did related art projects according to each season. It was the most rewarding week yet at Imagine Play.

Art Camp

Every morning we started off with an activity. The kids learned the reasons for seasons, the weather for each season, and the calendar months associated with each season.

art camp

We also played season themed games, sang songs, read books and incorporated felt boards.

Art Camp

But most of all we did ART!

Art Camp

Art projects included painting of a beach, a scroll tree hand that represented fall, winter photo blocks and a spring flower pot with included grass seeds for them to plant at home.

Art Camp

Check out the video from art camp here:

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