Dia De Los Muertos Coco Style

We celebrated Dia De Los Muertos the best way we knew how by doing crafts, dancing and singing songs inspired by the movie COCO.

First, it was so much fun decorating for this event because of all the festive colors.

Dia de los muertos coco

dia de los muertos

We also got in the festive spirit by painting our faces and dressing up as the characters from the movie. The kids got a choice to paint their faces too.

dia de lost muertos coco

All the kids got headbands or hats decorated with tissue paper flowers.

dia de los muertos coco
Thanks JG for sharing this photo with US!

We did crafts, lots of crafts, including making lanterns and frames. We asked people to bring a photo of their loved one or the kids could use photos we printed from the movie.

dia de los muertos coco

Afterwards, the kids were able to hang their frames on our ofrenda.

dia de los muertos coco

And then then the festivities began. We sang a song from the movie, the kids learned a latin dance and  we played a pass the guitar game.

dia de los muertos

Here’s a short video of the all the fun the kids had.

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