Infant Play Area version 2019

We’re so happy to announce our new infant play area for kids 35 months and under.

Infant Play Area

If you remember, when we started in 2017 our infant area was in the front of  our eating area. We situated it there so it would be separated from the main floor, but it was problematic because of it’s size and it’s openness.

Finally after a year we have resolved this issue by taking away our smaller party room and creating a true infant area.

The room includes a soft play castle as a nod to our infamous play castle on our main floor.

infant play area

Items from the original infant area moved in too, such as our ball pool, building blocks, and walker toys. We included some riding toys such as a rocker and bouncer as well.

infant play area

On the other side you’ll find a very baby friendly market cart and a table with some knob puzzles and magnets.

infant play area

The room has turned out super cute and we love seeing families with little ones enjoy it. It’s about 90% complete. There are still some plans for more sensory friendly wall panels in the near future.

If you haven’t been in a while and you have a little one 35 months or under come and check out the new space. We’re excited for all the new changes come to Imagine Play in 2019.