Lending Library – Spotlight Week 1

We had our ambassador pull some toys to show off this week from our lending library. The lending library is full of dramatic play and learning toys that you can rent with a low monthly membership fee.

In this week’s spotlight we show you three toys that show off the great variety the lending library has to offer: Sight Word Activity Center, Play Toys Tree House and Green Toys Transporter.

The sight words activity center has four compartments for an all inclusive lesson which includes building with sight words with letters and writing sight words with a dry erase marker. This is a great rental that can be rented more than once for sight words practice.

Play pretend with this wooden tree house. The wooden figurine can climb the ladder, hop on mushrooms and swing in a bucket.

Lending Library

If wheels are more your speed. They’ll love this green toys car. We love green toys cuz of their easy to clean toys and their sustainable model of recycled toys. This is hours of fun of storing cars and driving them around their play space.

Lending Library

If you’ll like more information regarding renting items form our lending library check out our website.