Happy New Year

To say 2020 was challenging is an understatement We wish we could say we ended 2020 on a high note, but we can say that we are glad the year is over and we have hopeful expectations for 2021.

Thank you for all those who supported us during such a difficult year. We have only survived this long because of your continued blessings. We don’t know what the upcoming months will bring, but we will always hold your kind words and patronage in our hearts.

In 2021, we strive to keep a clean cozy playspace for your little ones to visit, while we can. Please come visit us on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. You can see our hours on our website here: Come Learn Through Play.

A few other changes you can expect is the addition of monthly Membership options. You can still choose to the 3 month membership if you wish.

See you in 2021.

Distance Learning Camp

We know the upcoming school year offers new challenges as parents are struggling to juggle work, home and now school life. If you are needing help distance learning, we’re here to help.

Our distance learning camp is to help your child distance learn. Each staff member will work with 2 students of the same grade level at a time, so social distance can be maintained, yet social interaction can be obtain. Morning session is 4 hours. We’ll have a morning and afternoon session. We are limited to the number of slots available, so please sign up soon.

A lesson plan should be given to you by your child’s credentialed teacher employed by the district of which your child is enrolled. Our staff is here to help your child navigate through their lesson plan provided by their school, weather it be to a attend a schedule zoom meeting, go through a slideshow provided by their teacher, or help them work through an activity worksheet/packet/workbook. If work needs to be uploaded to the school we will do that also.

Our staff will arrange time for a snack break and a  play floor break. If your child has completed all their assignments for the day and there is time left over we can provide an enrichment activity from our lending library for your child to do.

You can see all our enrichment activities here: https://imagine-play.square.site/toy-library

Items you’ll need to bring:
Water bottle
A headset for zoom calls and video presentations
A chromebook (provided by the school) or an ipad with zoom installed (optional)
Any worksheets/textbooks/workbooks provided by teachers/school for daily learning

You can register by emailing admin@imagineplayelkgrove.com and letting us know what days and times are needed and we can send back a quote.

You can add on a toy library membership with your session to get discounted session price and to bring home additional age appropriate enrichment activities your child can do at home.


Lending Library – Spotlight Week 1

We had our ambassador pull some toys to show off this week from our lending library. The lending library is full of dramatic play and learning toys that you can rent with a low monthly membership fee.

In this week’s spotlight we show you three toys that show off the great variety the lending library has to offer: Sight Word Activity Center, Play Toys Tree House and Green Toys Transporter.

The sight words activity center has four compartments for an all inclusive lesson which includes building with sight words with letters and writing sight words with a dry erase marker. This is a great rental that can be rented more than once for sight words practice.

Play pretend with this wooden tree house. The wooden figurine can climb the ladder, hop on mushrooms and swing in a bucket.

Lending Library

If wheels are more your speed. They’ll love this green toys car. We love green toys cuz of their easy to clean toys and their sustainable model of recycled toys. This is hours of fun of storing cars and driving them around their play space.

Lending Library

If you’ll like more information regarding renting items form our lending library check out our website.


1st Grade Curriculum Help

If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed with taking control of your child’s education at home. We’re here to help. One of the many things we are rolling out this fall is learning resources for at home learning. Whether you just need some extra activities during distance learning or need items to help lesson planning, check out our toy library for those needed resources!

Our toy library is full of learning toys that you can check out once a week. Use it in your learning during the week, return it and check out something new. For one low monthly fee you can borrow all type of learning toys.

Here’s an example of a 1st grade curriculum and what type of items we are adding to our library that can assist you in your at home schooling journey.

  • Handwriting
  • Vocabulary
Vocabulary Activity Center
  • Spelling
Building Simple Words Box
  • Vowels and Nouns
  • Parts of a Story
Building Storyboard
  • Sight Words and Reading Skills
Fishing for Sight Words Game
  • Reading Comprehension Skill
  • Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Digraphs and Blends
  • Main Topics and Supporting Topics
  • Word Families
  • Main Ideas and Supportive Ideas
  • Fiction vs Non-Fiction
  • Context Clues
  • Contractions and Compound Words
  • Suffix and Prefix
  • Verbs
  • Root Words
  • Counting
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Measuring
Measurement Center
  • Telling Time
Time Telling Activity Mats
  • Addition and Subtraction
Subtraction Game
  • Graphing Skills
  • Greater Than or Less Than
Greater than or less than building blocks activity
  • Cumulative Property and Associated Property
  • Money
Counting Money Puzzles
  • Fractions
Fractions Stack
  • Place Value
  • Community Helpers and Career Options
Community Helper Figurines
  • Mapping Skills
  • Forms of Energy
  • Magnets
Magnet Activity Kit
  • Land Forms
Land Forms Activity Tub
  • Earth Layers and Environment
  • Water Sources and Water Cycle
  • Clouds and Weather/Seasons
Seasons & Weather Learning Box
  • Day and Night Cycles
  • Living Versus Non-Living
Life Science Box
  • Rock Types and Volcanos
Mineral Collection
  • Space (planets, sun, and galaxies)
Space Activity Box
  • Plants

This will be a great resource for your family this upcoming year, but also any future years to come if you just need some activities to keep your child stimulated at home, any time. Also, check out the kindergarten curriculum helper blog as well.

If you need extra help distance learning you can fill out our distance learning helper interest from here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdQdfjwSC2B-LuFIEt1DdIFMWvhThCSQmZtvZWuQ8UdxYLweA/viewform

Kindergarten Curriculum Help

With distant learning become a reality this upcoming school year Imagine Play has rolled out many different programs to help parents navigate the new world of teaching kids at home. One of those being our Toy Library. We have many dramatic play toys that we are known for, but our Toy Library is more than that. Did you know it can be a  learning resource?

You’re probably wondering where you should start with your home schooling journey this fall. Here’s how we can help. We put together a list of subjects that kids learn during the kindergarten level at school and the learning toys we have in our library that can assist you with these items. You can check out these toys for 1 week to teach your kids about these topics, return them for another the following week and repeat.

  • Counting
Kindergarten Curriculum
Counting Flowers Box
  • Addition

    Kindergarten Curriculum
    Addition Math Market
  •  Subtraction

    Subtraction Game
  • Time Telling

    Time Telling and Money Mats
  •  Measurements

    Measurement Center
  •  Money
Hands On Money
  • Word Problems
  •  Sight Words
Learning Sight Words Box
  • CVC Words
  • Blends and Digraphs
  •  Story Prompts
  • Writing Practice
  • Vocabulary Words
  • Rhyming Word
  •  Sequencing
  • Community
  • Living vs Non-Living
Life Science Box
  • Seasons
Seasons Learning Box
  • Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Magnetic Set
  • Rocks
Mineral Collection
  • Life Cycles

  • Fire Safety
  • Bats
  • Sink or Float
Sink of Float Experiment Kit
  • Fossils
  • Plants
  • Amphibians, Reptiles, and Insects
Insect Activity Tub
  • Weather
Weather Learning Box
  • Your 5 Senses
Senses Learning Charts
  • Solar System
Solar System Learning Kit
  • Dental Health 
Plan Toys Dental Play Set
  • Fruits & Vegetables
Fruit and Vegetable Sorting
  •  Ocean
  • Mass
  • Vertebrate and Non-Vertebrate

As always we are always adding more and more items to our library and currently we have over 150 toys already in the library not including some of the items you have seen above on this list. For more information regarding our toy library please visit this link: https://imagine-play.square.site/toy-library.

Re-opening Date

Our first day to accept people in our storefront again is June 7th, 2020. We have changed a few things in the way we operate and wanted to update our community.

  • Reservation to Play: Starting June 7th, we are opening our doors by appointment only. You must go on our website to reserve your time to come into our facility. Each time slot is limited to allow room for social distancing and we will not allow drops-in if slots are filled. Please make sure to reserve you time here: https://imagine-play.square.site/reservations.
  • Toy Library: If you are not ready to go out and are looking to find items to keep your child(ren) engaged at home you can check out our toy library memberships. You can borrow age appropriate toys directly from us, play with them for a week and return it. Our toy library catalog and information can be found here: https://imagine-play.square.site/toy-library
  • Summer Camps:  We have several themed camps coming up starting the week of June 22nd. Camps as from 9:30am – 12:30pm. We are limiting spots to these camps as well, with a few them almost sold out. Please see more information to register to these camps here: https://imagine-play.square.site/summer-art-camp

Please note, at this moment we are not taking any new birthday parties until social gatherings guidelines are approved by the state.

We can’t wait to see you in soon.

Phase 3

As you may know by now CA has set a four phase reopening plan. We are on phase 3 of this plan, of which the governor  has mention can be months away.

For Imagine Play, this means that you will not see our doors re-open for our normal services such as Open Play, Special Events or Birthday Parties until late August, possible September.  We hope that CA can move through Phase 2 quickly, but we want to be conservative on their timeline.

Please note, at this time memberships will get an extension for however many months we are mandated to remain closed. Special events that are postponed will get a credit for future service. Birthday parties are able to be rescheduled or received a credit for the future.

We are hopeful of maybe providing other services outside of our normal scope if and when CA gives permission such as summer camps. We do have some other special announcements we are working on and hope to have an update soon.

Otherwise, you can help us now by purchasing items from our website such as Art Kits and Grad Gifts. https://imagine-play.square.site/

Or you can donate to us here: https://checkout.square.site/pay/8f3ada847ea74dd8aa17f6fc53765dbc


Special Event Updates

We had several awesome Easter events that had to be postponed during the State’s shelter in place. The dates have been reschedule twice with the last time being a conservative timeframe of end of May, but re-opening date is unclear with many counties extending their quarantine date to later in May.

All events will be rescheduled, but unfortunately at this moment we cannot give an exact date until the government gives us a definite opening time frame. Again, any monies paid to us will get credit for the future event date. If you cannot attend the date you can use your credit towards open play. Credit is given automatically under the customer profile of which you bought  your ticket.

Whenever we get the green light to open our doors again and we have a date for our events an email will be sent to all ticket holders. Thank you for your understanding. We hope to have more information soon.


Closure Update

California hasn’t officially extended the shelter in place period, but it has been recommended that it may last until the end of month, therefore Imagine Play will remain closed during this time.

Memberships will continue be extended during this closure period.

Special Events have been rescheduled. Please see our calendar for details.

PJ Mask has been reschedule for May dates and Princess Tea Party has been reschedule for June Dates. Credit will be given for purchase tickets for the reschedule dates or credit towards open play or future events.

In the upcoming week we will be contact any remaining April parties that need to be rescheduled.

Please note, we are currently only giving credit for any monies paid to us. This is necessary for us to survive the next 6 months. We apologize! We wish we had the working capital that bigger businesses have. We know our customers are under hardship too. We hope for your understanding.

Good news is coming! We have been in contact with SBA and other lenders to receive aid . Policies may change once we get finalization, but we do not know the timeline. It may take days or months and we appreciate your patience.

First and foremost our goal is retain our employees and fulfill any deferred obligations that we need to operate our business. We know these answers are disappointing, but is the best we can give during the crisis.

We appreciate all the love and support. We have been overwhelmed with the great community we have. We appreciate any kindness you can extend and we hope to see you soon!

If you’ll like to help us during this time, you can purchase a craft kits via our online store: https://imagine-play.square.site/

donate to us here:

Help with COVID-19


We ask for your kindness, patient and understanding during COVID-19

At this time we understand that everyone is experiencing hardship and we appreciate every one in the community that has shown their love and support for our small business. As you know, we opened up Imagine Play as a place for toddlers when there wasn’t a place for toddlers. It’s a family owned and operated business and at the mist of the COVID – 19 crisis we are under tremendous stress to survive.

We know you are looking for answers regarding the services that we provide.  Here’s what we doing regarding:

  1. Memberships: memberships will be extended for the time of closure.
  2. Special Events: Special events within the shelter-in-place period will be rescheduled/postponed. You can see the new dates on our calendar.  If you cannot make the new date a credit will be given to open play or for a future event that you can use later on in the year.
  3. Birthday Parties: All birthday parties during shelter in place period will be rescheduled. Please consider looking at a summer date for your party. We promise your child will have a great party no matter what date you schedule for.

Any monies paid to us for services will receive a credit in the amount paid for future use. This is not a decision we made lightly, but it is necessary for us to even think about being able to reopen our doors again. We are in the process of looking for qualifications for government assistance, but we are waiting for answers too! Guidelines for COVID-19 is changing everyday and any of the above may change because of those policies. We will update you once we know more.

We apologize if this is not the answer you want to hear and we wish we could provide better answers.

If your have any further questions you can email us at admin@imagineplayelkgrove.com, but please be kind, patient and understanding in your correspondence with us.

If you would like to and are able to, you can donate to us here: gf.me/u/xr92rs