Why are we hard to find?

Next month, marks the one year anniversary of when we signed our lease at our current location on Grant Line Rd. At least once a day we hear, “I can’t find you”. We agree, we are inconspicuous  and there is a story behind it. Let’s talk about how we came upon our currently location that is now Imagine Play.

Imagine Play Location Front

Last year around this time we were actively looking for a location and in mid July we found one that was perfect. It was 4,000 sq ft. and had really high ceilings with plenty of parking, but in the end after getting all the bids to build out bathrooms and such it would’ve cost us over $200K to get the location up to where we needed it to be and frankly we really didn’t have the funds to start up that location.

We went back to the drawing board and found several other locations that were great contenders, but there were some obstacles that prevented us from getting into those locations and some of those objections even surprised us!

Imagine Play Location

  1. Cost to Build Out: This by far was our biggest hurdle. After finding out that our first location wasn’t going to work cost wise, we started looking for spaces that already had bathrooms build out and pre-existing electrical. Knocking down walls and putting in floors was much more cost effective. Our current landlord negotiated the build out with us, which was a great help.
  2. Lease Restrictions: In at least two of our desired locations there were businesses that had lease restrictions that didn’t allow for another children related business to be in the complex.
  3. Parking: This was one of those surprising elements. There was a location we loved that had a really charming exterior and in a nice central location, but at last the owner came back and said he felt like there wouldn’t be enough parking to accommodate us. We were really disappointed with this news, but everything happens for a reason right?
  4. Rent: In the end, this was the deal breaker for us. To be honest, some of the prime locations would have cost us about $10K a month and for us the smart decision was a location where low rent would make it easier to sustain.

With our options dwindling Grant Line was really the only location that fit all our requirements and without it there would be no Imagine Play location today and while we are hard to find we hope that once you do find us you’ll continue to help this location thrive!

We continue to learn and change each day. Here’s some before and afters of the progress that was made from construction to opening. If you have been recently you know we have grown  since even these pictures and if you haven’t been yet, come visit us soon.

Check out our hours on our calendar.

Imagine Play Location

Imagine Play Location

If you still have a hard time finding us you can follow the directions below or visit out homepage  footer for complete address.

Coming from 99. 
-Exit freeway.
-Turn right in the first parking lot off the freeway
-The front building may say 10471.

If you miss our parking lot.
-Turn right onto Survey Rd.
-Continue on Survey Rd pass the stop sign until you hit the gate to the freeway or until you see when East Stockton Blvd Continues.
-Turn right into parking lot.
-You’ll come behind New Songs School of Music.

Coming from Elk Grove Park or Other
-East Stockton Blvd turns into Survey Rd.
-Continue on Survey Rd pass the stop sign until you hit the gate to the freeway or until you see when East Stockton Blvd Continue.
-Turn right into parking lot.
-You’ll come behind New Songs School of Music.

Imagine Play Location

Fireworks Painting – Kids Art Elk Grove

If you are anything like our staff we are pinterest obsessed and since toddler friendly arts and crafts are part of our daily staple here are Imagine Play, we decided to try this heavily pinned fireworks painting project in celebration of our Independence Day and it was everything that we had hoped for!

Fireworks Painting Kids Art Elk Grove

The kids loved this art project and we plan to reuse the rolls next week to make squid inspired animals. Stay tuned for that in our arts and craft section on this blog.

All you need is:

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
3-4 Colors of Paint

1. Cut strips halfway down the center of the Roll
2. Fan them Out
3. Prepare plates with globs of paint
4. Place fanned out rolls on the paint
5. Show the kids how to make a firework by stamping their paper with paint and encourage them to mix the colors. It looks best with three-four stamps per firework.

Firework Painting

Firework Painting

Firework Painting

On a side note, plan to give them bigger sized paper. We have pictured here an 8×11 sheet, but the kids ran out of room quickly and soon their fireworks became muddled because they could stop stamping. 🙂 A bigger sheet of paper will allow them more room to make more fireworks so they are not tempted to not stamp over their already good looking fireworks.

This fireworks painting project is a perfect  to repeat for New Year’s as well.

Aloha Moana Luau Birthday Party

Moana Luau Birthday

Summer Luau’s are the best and we love this mixture of Moana and Hawaiian Luau theme! For inspiration on your kid’s Moana Luau Birthday check out these cute ideas for your next Moana or Luau themed kids birthday party.

Believe it or not Moana banners are really had to find. We’re extremely happy with our custom made one from a local mom business. Check out Busy Bee Jamboree for your next party supply needs. She was extremely fast too!

Moana Luau Kids Birthday

One of our favorite details from this party is this simple idea to make pineapple inspired goodie bags. It’s an affordable way to dress up your party favors. All you need is some ribbon and scissors.

Moana Luau Kids Birthday

Moana Luau Birthday

This tissue paper garland is so luscious! And how adorable are these place card holders from home goods!

Moana Luau Birthday Palm Trees

Of course, the birthday parents added some details of their own and we couldn’t help but highlight this cute palm tree idea! Adorable and all you need is streams, balloons and palm leaves.

Moana Luau Birthday

Love the ideas for this cake too! Perfect for a Moana Luau Birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday, Olivia!

For more birthday inspiration check out our birthday party page on our blog.


Art as Dessert

Kids Art Party Desert Table Elk Grove Imagine Play

J. Kaylen Photography shared these photos from her daughter’s 4th Art Themed Birthday Party at Imagine Play and of course we had to take a moment to stare in awe at this DESSERT table! From the colorful cake to the paint brush rice crispy treats, to even the bowl of layered M&M’s. We can’t say enough about how much we love it. And oh my gee, what do you think about that balloon arch? Like WOW! Thanks for letting Imagine Play be the blank canvas for your party.

Kid's Birthday Party

A do it yourself photo backdrop worthy of pretty pictures. Those paint pour balloons were an awesome compliment! Plus, cute family makes this all the better.

Art Birthday Party Kids Craft

The kids love doing a craft from our birthday party package. Rainbow decorating is one of our most popular. Children of all ages love stickers, glue and rainbows!

Kid's Birthday Party

This is one of our favorites moments during the day. Bubbles! We end every day with a bubble dance.

Artist Dessert Table Kids Birthday Cake

Grand finale, we’ll share more amazing pictures from this dessert table because if you are like us, you can’t get enough! The cake is almost too pretty to eat. Awesome job Sweet Escape By Betty!

Kid's Birthday Party

This crafty mom also painted her own number 4 and don’t forget about those art cookies by Sweets  Aneets. They are cookie slayers, you guys! I mean, that says it all. Yummy and pretty!

We had a princess party and it was awesome.

cinderella, kids, birthday party

Cinderella had a wonderful time interacting with her Royal court in May and we had a such a fun time planning and decorating for this event. Check out all the details and use it for your princess party or book a themed party at Imagine Play and let us decorate a Princess Party for your Royal court.

princess tea party elk grove

A simple idea to dress up your silverware. We bought pre-adhesive jewels at the craft store and it made this little idea easy to do!

kids princess party venue elk grove

Using plastic table coverings as our colorful base, we added some additional interest to our tables by using a lace overlay. You can buy it by the yard at a local fabric store. In this case, the middle is fabric by the yard and the two on the end are lace curtains.

tea party for kids elkgrove

This particular party was Tea Party themed. One of the things we love about a tea party is all the floral accents. Check out this floral tea pot garland! So cute! You can buy those off of amazon.

princess tea birthday party for kids

Of course, the tablescape  was our favorite part. We bought decorative paper plates, dollies and tea party cups which accented the lace table really well. Whose favorite store is also Home Goods? These roses are from Home Goods and while they are not real flowers, they really are a sweet touch, nonetheless.

Many of the table decor we already owned, but you can buy many of these decorative food displays at, you guessed it, also Home Goods. For food, we decided to serve snack size items in floral cupcake containers. It was easy for our toddlers to grab what they wanted to eat, without the mess!

princess party

Kids were encouraged to come dressed up as their favorite ROYAL character and we did wand decorating with some of these other activities
-Tea Party with a Princess
-Kids Dinner provided (include finger sandwiches and various snacks)
-Tea (aka Apple Juice)
-Princess Dance Training
-Princess Craft

Hope this helps you plan your next Royal Party. You can register for our next Royal Tea Party on August 24th and 25th here: https://squareup.com/store/imagine-play/item/royal-tea-party-1