Kakamora Moana Birthday Inspiration

We love Moana here and we definitely get our fill of parties revolved around the Hawaiian princess. We wanted to share this fun Moana birthday decor because of the Kakamora inspiration. We can’t get enough of what the birthday mom did with these crazy coconuts.

Kakamora Moana Birthday

We also thought it was really clever to spice up the table with the fish netting! The kakamora cups are perfect for this theme. Best of all, you can do it yourself. We found a blog that can help: Kakamora Party Cups Tutorial.

kakamora moana birthday

The tables were so festive with all the palm leaves and leis. How cute is the giant kakamora pinata?

kakamora moana birthday

Lastly, we wanted to highlight this banner inspired the movie’s goddess. We love the paper flowers!

kakamora moana birthday

Check out our party packages and if your child loves Moana as much as we do, come to one of our Luau’s featuring the Hawaiian princess.

Unicorn Birthday Party

Since the unicorn has become every little girl’s (and some adults) spirit animal, we were more than excited to get to decorate this unicorn birthday party. The best things about a unicorn party is all the flowers, pretty colors, and sparkles. We just love the creative things you can do with this magical theme.

Unicorn Birthday Party

For this party we started with two different unicorn table coverings. Surprisingly, they aren’t super hard to find with how popular this theme is. We like the contrast between the main table and the food table and how the two tables tied all together with the interchanging of plates and unicorn decor.

Unicorn Birthday Party

The two walls got adorn with giant unicorn themed backdrops. We included a happy birthday sign and some unicorn flags on one wall. Also, notice the photo backdrop in the corner with picture frames for the perfect selfie.  The other side was left simple, but we attached one of our favorite design elements.

unicorn birthday party

This balloon arch took some love and attention, but it made this unicorn party even more special. What we love about a balloon arch is that you can theme it to any party, such as the one from our art theme party. The table scape included several unicorn pinatas.

Unicorn Birthday Party

and some DIY unicorn table centerpieces made from a cone, glitter paper and tissue.

The parent’s from the party brought in this three tier unicorn cake. It was nothing, but magical.

unicorn birthday party

The food was yummy too, which includes some mozzarella/tomato/basil skewers and unicorn themed puffs. This party also enjoyed a wand decorating art project and a visit from a snow princess. Definitely a unicorn party to remember.

Some other fun elements from other unicorn birthday parties we have had at our facility is these center pieces glued onto ceramic stands and unicorn mask for your unicorn friends.

unicorn birthday party

One of our other favorite cakes made by The Mix Baking Co. This cake was accompanied by some adorable cake pops as well (not pictured).

unicorn birthday party

Plan your next unicorn birthday party with us by visiting our party page.

Birthday Invitations

In every party package we include digital birthday invitations. There are three themes to choose from and they are super cute! They can match any theme or gender. Our favorite is the birthday cake one. The back also allows space for a place to write gift ideas to your guest and directions to Imagine Play.

For a themed birthday party package we even get themed invitations. Unicorn themes are very popular right now.

birthday invitations

You can send this invitation out in an email to all your friends or if you prefer, we also offer an option to print the invitations on premium 5×7 card stock. Ask us about printing your birthday invitations for a more intimate way to invite people to your party. The final product is beautiful! The invitation just look so good on paper.

Joint Birthday – Princess & Power Rangers

We often get joint birthday parties and we are sure parent’s appreciate not having to hold two separate birthday parties. Kids birthdays can be stressful and we hope to make it a little less stressful.

Here’s an excellent example of how fun a birthday party can be with two different themes. In this case brother wanted power rangers and sister wanted a princess theme.

Joint Birthday

We decided on a complimentary color for both themes and included table decor. Wall decor included a theme poster with tassels and fans.

Kids Joint Birthday

We’re so happy this family had an awesome birthday! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures with us!

Joint birthday

The Doctor Is In

If a doctor kids birthday party themed wasn’t unique enough, check out this red and turquoise color scheme! Such complimentary colors, who would have thought?

Doctor Kids Birthday

These little details are just delightful.  We love these first aid brief cases as goodie boxes. Also, manila folders as placemats, so creative!

Doctor Kids Birthday

These eye charts are simple, but make such a statement for this party. Where do our parent’s think of this stuff? Also notice this X-ray in progress photo prop next to our face painting station.  We love it when our families add face painting to their parties.

Doctor Kids Birthday

This is our favorite detail. Those heart balloons has our heart skipping a beat.

Doctor Kids Birthday

Hi, do you have an appointment? All the essentials of a good doctor check up, lollipops and all.

Doctor Kids Birthday

A birthday sign is included in all our party packages and this one is one of our favorite birthday signs to date!

Thanks for hosting your doctor kids birthday party with us! We love all the fun themes our parents bring for their parties!

Check out our party packages and more on our website.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday Party

Do you have a child who loves Paw Patrol? We know that kids love these crime-solving pups and we do our share of Paw Patrol Kids Birthday Parties + Special Events. This one is one of our themed private parties where the parents trusted us to decorate for them, which our staff has so much fun doing! We love all the colorful details of this pup party.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

Our themed birthday party package comes with a fully decorated party room. We do all the leg work, so your party parents can enjoy the party as stress free as possible.

For this party we started with a Paw Patrol themed banner and table coverings and complimented them with our favorite things: paper fans and blue star garland.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

One of our custom details included this paw print garland and table decorations from summer mason jars we picked up from Hobby Lobby.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

How much do you love these pin wheels? It’s such a fun way to include color and decor. Of course, we also provided themed goodie bags with pup play packs and other Paw Patrol related items.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

We finished off the party with some plates and balloons for the main play area.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

Inquire about having a character visit your party for even more fun.

Paw Patrol Kids Birthday

Purr-fect Kitty Pawty

Every weekend we are in awe of the themes our parent’s bring to us. This one was no exception and was just cute enough to meow! Purr over the details of this kitty party.

Kitty Party

We are in love with these creative yarn ball center pieces and birthday mom made them even more special by personalizing them with the birthday child’s picture! We this creative idea 5 meows!

Also, notice the darling kitty party plates, matching napkins and cups! Purr-fection.

We noticed some plates were missing, so we filled in the gaps with an easy cat plate idea with black construction paper. It was a kitty-tastic match.

Kitty Party

kitty party

kitty party

Of course, no paw-ty is complete without a dessert table. Our new favorite accessories is this fringe table cloth and large garden flowers from Hobby Lobby. You can also see this same fabric as a backdrop as seen above or in our Moana Luau Birthday. It’s also perfect for princess parties and more. We also, customized this chalk board with a kitty drawing.

Kitty party

Lastly, the kids had so much fun adoring a cat, complete with adoption certificate and decorating a box to take their new adoption home. Such a brilliant craft idea from birthday mom!

What is your birthday idea? Let us bring it to life by booking a party with us.





Aloha Moana Luau Birthday Party

Moana Luau Birthday

Summer Luau’s are the best and we love this mixture of Moana and Hawaiian Luau theme! For inspiration on your kid’s Moana Luau Birthday check out these cute ideas for your next Moana or Luau themed kids birthday party.

Believe it or not Moana banners are really had to find. We’re extremely happy with our custom made one from a local mom business. Check out Busy Bee Jamboree for your next party supply needs. She was extremely fast too!

Moana Luau Kids Birthday

One of our favorite details from this party is this simple idea to make pineapple inspired goodie bags. It’s an affordable way to dress up your party favors. All you need is some ribbon and scissors.

Moana Luau Kids Birthday

Moana Luau Birthday

This tissue paper garland is so luscious! And how adorable are these place card holders from home goods!

Moana Luau Birthday Palm Trees

Of course, the birthday parents added some details of their own and we couldn’t help but highlight this cute palm tree idea! Adorable and all you need is streams, balloons and palm leaves.

Moana Luau Birthday

Love the ideas for this cake too! Perfect for a Moana Luau Birthday. Happy 2nd Birthday, Olivia!

For more birthday inspiration check out our birthday party page on our blog.


Art as Dessert

Kids Art Party Desert Table Elk Grove Imagine Play

J. Kaylen Photography shared these photos from her daughter’s 4th Art Themed Birthday Party at Imagine Play and of course we had to take a moment to stare in awe at this DESSERT table! From the colorful cake to the paint brush rice crispy treats, to even the bowl of layered M&M’s. We can’t say enough about how much we love it. And oh my gee, what do you think about that balloon arch? Like WOW! Thanks for letting Imagine Play be the blank canvas for your party.

Kid's Birthday Party

A do it yourself photo backdrop worthy of pretty pictures. Those paint pour balloons were an awesome compliment! Plus, cute family makes this all the better.

Art Birthday Party Kids Craft

The kids love doing a craft from our birthday party package. Rainbow decorating is one of our most popular. Children of all ages love stickers, glue and rainbows!

Kid's Birthday Party

This is one of our favorites moments during the day. Bubbles! We end every day with a bubble dance.

Artist Dessert Table Kids Birthday Cake

Grand finale, we’ll share more amazing pictures from this dessert table because if you are like us, you can’t get enough! The cake is almost too pretty to eat. Awesome job Sweet Escape By Betty!

Kid's Birthday Party

This crafty mom also painted her own number 4 and don’t forget about those art cookies by Sweets  Aneets. They are cookie slayers, you guys! I mean, that says it all. Yummy and pretty!

We had a princess party and it was awesome.

cinderella, kids, birthday party

Cinderella had a wonderful time interacting with her Royal court in May and we had a such a fun time planning and decorating for this event. Check out all the details and use it for your princess party or book a themed party at Imagine Play and let us decorate a Princess Party for your Royal court.

princess tea party elk grove

A simple idea to dress up your silverware. We bought pre-adhesive jewels at the craft store and it made this little idea easy to do!

kids princess party venue elk grove

Using plastic table coverings as our colorful base, we added some additional interest to our tables by using a lace overlay. You can buy it by the yard at a local fabric store. In this case, the middle is fabric by the yard and the two on the end are lace curtains.

tea party for kids elkgrove

This particular party was Tea Party themed. One of the things we love about a tea party is all the floral accents. Check out this floral tea pot garland! So cute! You can buy those off of amazon.

princess tea birthday party for kids

Of course, the tablescape  was our favorite part. We bought decorative paper plates, dollies and tea party cups which accented the lace table really well. Whose favorite store is also Home Goods? These roses are from Home Goods and while they are not real flowers, they really are a sweet touch, nonetheless.

Many of the table decor we already owned, but you can buy many of these decorative food displays at, you guessed it, also Home Goods. For food, we decided to serve snack size items in floral cupcake containers. It was easy for our toddlers to grab what they wanted to eat, without the mess!

princess party

Kids were encouraged to come dressed up as their favorite ROYAL character and we did wand decorating with some of these other activities
-Tea Party with a Princess
-Kids Dinner provided (include finger sandwiches and various snacks)
-Tea (aka Apple Juice)
-Princess Dance Training
-Princess Craft

Hope this helps you plan your next Royal Party. You can register for our next Royal Tea Party on August 24th and 25th here: https://squareup.com/store/imagine-play/item/royal-tea-party-1